The Beginners Guide to Koi Varieties

Colours, Scales & Markings

Koi, or nishikigoi as they are more properly known, exhibit a dazzling array of different colours, patterns and scalations. The possibilities are endless but breeders have established certain desirable traits and identifiable combinations of traits in order to classify a number of varieties. If you have become baffled by the world of koi then here are the principle varieties to look out for.

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Koi Symbolism

Have you ever wondered why koi imagery is so prevalent in tattoo art, interior design, sculpture and painting? Koi are colourful and beautiful creatures but their use in art and design is generally more symbolic than aesthetic.

Koi carp are revered in Asian culture and are attributed with many symbolic meanings. If you take even a brief look at the history of Koi, their attributes and the legends that surround them, then it isn’t difficult to see why.

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