A Heron Hunting in a Garden Pond – Video

This video by YouTube user redsonia100 is a sight for sore eyes. Just after our recent blog post outlining some of the precautions you might employ to protect your Koi carp from Heron, we’ve come across this video showing a crafty bird flouting several of them! Continue reading “A Heron Hunting in a Garden Pond – Video”

Features of a Japanese Water Garden

Japanese gardens are in-tune with nature. These gardens implement many features in order to create an appealing, natural setting for people to enjoy. Follow these elements in the right amounts and style and Continue reading “Features of a Japanese Water Garden”

Protect Koi from Heron – Koi Predators

In the United Kingdom there are a number of species that pose a direct threat to Koi stock. As a Koi keeper, knowing about these predators and how you might protect Koi against them can literally be the difference between life and death for your stock. Continue reading “Protect Koi from Heron – Koi Predators”