Biological Pond Filters – Top Tips

Your Koi’s health will be largely dependent on the efficiency of your pond’s filtration system. Your biological filter utilises bacteria to break down the harmful ammonia in the water and converts it into benign Nitrate.

Whatever your budget when setting up a Continue reading “Biological Pond Filters – Top Tips”

A Guide to Feeding Koi

A good diet will ensure that your Koi thrive and it is important to neither over or under feed your stock. Choose a good quality Koi food and remember that your feeding regime will be largely dictated by the temperature of the water. Koi’s metabolisms slow down considerably in low temperatures and so they require Continue reading “A Guide to Feeding Koi”

Which Pond Pump?

A pump is a crucial addition to ponds large and small and to any water feature. A pump brings life to your pond or feature, plays an important role in maintaining a healthy environment and creates that wonderful sound of flowing water that so many of us enjoy. Pumps circulate and aerate the water and drive water to the filtration system. So we know for sure that you need Continue reading “Which Pond Pump?”

Big Bob the Giant Goldfish

People buy puppies all the time and then find that their cute little bundle of fluff grows into something the size of a horse. It’s not unusual to see the same happen with snakes too. A baby Burmese python isn’t much bigger than a garden worm but the adults are a whole different matter. With all of these surprises in mind, you would think that you would be pretty safe with a pet goldfish, though. It does help if you know what size your new pet is likely to grow to and with most goldfish you are talking about a couple of Continue reading “Big Bob the Giant Goldfish”

How to Control Algae in Your Pond

The pond environment is a complex one and can require careful maintenance to remain healthy, especially when a pond is new. A build-up of algae is unsightly and is detrimental to your fish stocks, also preventing you from seeing them. Fortunately there is much you can Continue reading “How to Control Algae in Your Pond”