Koi Carp in the News

It’s a sad fact that Koi carp rarely make headlines on the television news broadcasts but that doesn’t mean that nothing interesting has happened of course! Here’s a round-up of the some of the latest Koi news stories.

Koi Deaths as Water Drains Away

If you take good care of your Koi then they will thrive. Koi food and Koi treats are a must as is good water quality. You will run into problems, though, if your pond water drains away. Continue reading “Koi Carp in the News”

Pond Food for All Seasons

Your fish require the correct diet year round to ensure that they achieve impressive growth, great colour and remain healthy. If you’re new to fish keeping then the array of foods and treats available can be confusing. At Krafty Koi we can help you to make the right choices for your fish.

Koi Food

It is best to choose a food formulated specifically for your koi. These foods have been developed following years of research and testing and so feature the right combination of nutrients. Continue reading “Pond Food for All Seasons”

The Beauty of Pond Lighting

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all you had to do to create a fabulous pond was to dig a hole in the ground and fill it with water? Sadly a great garden pond requires a little more thought, hard work and equipment. When you have invested in your pumps, filters, skimmers, heaters and a pond vacuum you are probably thinking you have quite enough pond equipment. However, their might just be something else that you could benefit from and which could make all the difference to your set up!

Have you thought about pond lighting? Continue reading “The Beauty of Pond Lighting”

Aquarian Fish Food Recall

Fish food manufacturer Aquarian has announced a recall of its Tropical Flake Food and Goldfish Flake Food. This is because it has been discovered that tubs of food with certain use by dates may contain salmonella. Sadly problems do arise from time to time. Continue reading “Aquarian Fish Food Recall”

Would You Tuck in to Spirulina Pie?

Spirulina is a common ingredient in Koi foods due to its incredibly high protein content. Indeed it has the highest protein content of any natural food – up to an impressive 70%. It might be a fabulous ingredient for summer pond food but what is Spirulina and would you eat it yourself?

What is Spirulina?

Spirulina is a tropical pond algae and we know you’re probably already thinking that it doesn’t sound like a particularly promising food! It grows naturally in Africa, Asia and South America and is blue-green in colour. Now it’s sounding Continue reading “Would You Tuck in to Spirulina Pie?”

Koi Pond Filtration

When you have settled on the position and size of your Koi pond, the next step is to ensure that you have a system that provides excellent filtration. It is essential that your pond provides a healthy environment for your stock and filtration is key; get this wrong and you may find yourself in deep water (not literally).

Waste removal

Your stock of Koi Carp will produce large amounts of waste. Basically your pond is Continue reading “Koi Pond Filtration”