The World’s Oldest Fish (a Koi!)

If well cared for, your koi could live for as long as 50 years. Some will live even longer lives and their age can be determined by counting their annuli, which are growth rings on their scales. A celebrated koi named Hanoko was estimated to have reached the age of 226. Either Hanoko was the world’s oldest recorded fish or the scientists who examined her made a huge miscalculation!

Pond Life

Hanoko spent her life in a pond of crystal clear water at Continue reading “The World’s Oldest Fish (a Koi!)”

How to Tackle Algae In Your Pond

There are over 17,000 different species of algae. Some species are beneficial but ponds can be afflicted by non-beneficial species including plankton algae and filamentous algae.

The Causes of Excess Algae

Algae requires nitrogen, phosphorus and sunlight to grow. Stocking your pond with too many fish or overfeeding your fish will result in too much waste being deposited in the water and this will then rot. The rotting process fills the water with the nitrates that the algae thrive on. Decaying organic matter such as leaves will have the same effect. Lawn fertilisers that run off into the water will also feed the algae. Continue reading “How to Tackle Algae In Your Pond”