All About Ozone

Ozone is a naturally occurring, water-soluble gas and oxidiser. It can control many common bacteria and deactivate viruses. So should Ozone feature in your Koi pond set-up?

How Ozone Works

When Ozone comes into contact with waterborne pathogens one of the three Oxygen atoms detaches itself from the Ozone molecule and then attaches itself to the pathogen. It oxidises it and so destroys it. Ozone is so powerful that the tiniest amounts will offer an effective germicidal action whilst leaving no toxic by-products or residues in the water. Continue reading “All About Ozone”

Focus on: Ogon Koi

There are 22 principle varieties of koi. These are categorized by their colour, pattern and the nature of their scales. A fish’s value will be determined in part by how closely its colour and patterns adhere to the ideal for its particular variety. But your appreciation of the beauty of koi may mean that you are attracted to a fish that does not necessarily conform to the ideal; Beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all, right? Continue reading “Focus on: Ogon Koi”

Don’t Top Up Your Pond with Tap Water

If you’re an experienced pond keeper, then you almost certainly know that you shouldn’t top up a pond with tap water, but there are many people out there who are not aware of the dangers. Surveys have shown that more than half of the ponds in Britain are in a poor condition and that tap water is largely to blame. Continue reading “Don’t Top Up Your Pond with Tap Water”

What Determines the Price of a Koi Specimen?

Koi are rewarding fish to keep and many people take great pleasure from theirs. If you are considering setting up a koi pond then you will have to invest in stock. There is a fabulous array of fish to choose from. There are more than 20 different varieties of koi and these are defined by their colour, patterns and size. Continue reading “What Determines the Price of a Koi Specimen?”