How to Create a Pond for Bats

Ponds attract a variety of interesting wildlife to your garden. You would probably expect this to include birds, insects and amphibians but did you know that your pond could also encourage bats to visit your garden? If you are fascinated by bats and would like to see them visit your property then here’s how to set-up and manage your pond. Continue reading “How to Create a Pond for Bats”

Koi Thief Caught and Punished

We previously reported on the unfortunate incident at the park adjacent to Colchester Castle. The Imola Pond had been emptied and the park’s koi transferred to a holding tank. An intruder broke in during the night and slashed the tank causing the water to escape. 45 fish were found dead the following morning and these included the park’s oldest and rarest specimens. Continue reading “Koi Thief Caught and Punished”