About the Butterfly Koi

If there is one subject that is guaranteed to divide koi enthusiasts it’s the butterfly koi. Many koi connoisseurs despise this particular variety and don’t believe that these fish are even true koi. That said, for every yin there’s a yang and on the other hand some keepers love their butterfly koi specimens and believe that they can make a wonderful addition to any pond. So what’s the debate about exactly? Continue reading “About the Butterfly Koi”

Koi Pond Trip Hazard

It is possible to drown in comparatively shallow water and so garden ponds do represent a real danger. It is all too easy for small children to drown in ponds and even adults can run into trouble at night if they can’t see the water. The dangers are exacerbated by cold temperatures as illustrated by an accident in the US recently. Continue reading “Koi Pond Trip Hazard”

Low Flying Koi Carp and an Unwelcome Visitor to Koi Pond

Lost and Found Pets is a group with 20,000 Facebook followers. It aims to reunite pet owners in Bristol and South Gloucestershire with their lost animals. The group is one of the largest of its kind in the country. Since it was set up four years ago it has reunited hundreds of pets with their owners. Most of these have unsurprisingly been cats and dogs but the group has found several more exotic species too, including a snake! Continue reading “Low Flying Koi Carp and an Unwelcome Visitor to Koi Pond”