All about karasu koi

Pronounced kar-rah-soo, this variety of koi gets its name from its black colouring. Almost completely black, this fish from the kawarimono class may exhibit different colours on the ventral area, usually red, orange or yellow. The black colouring rarely fades over time and so you will always be able to savour the true beauty of this koi.

All about karasu koi
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About the Butterfly Koi

If there is one subject that is guaranteed to divide koi enthusiasts it’s the butterfly koi. Many koi connoisseurs despise this particular variety and don’t believe that these fish are even true koi. That said, for every yin there’s a yang and on the other hand some keepers love their butterfly koi specimens and believe that they can make a wonderful addition to any pond. So what’s the debate about exactly? Continue reading “About the Butterfly Koi”

Focus on: Ogon Koi

There are 22 principle varieties of koi. These are categorized by their colour, pattern and the nature of their scales. A fish’s value will be determined in part by how closely its colour and patterns adhere to the ideal for its particular variety. But your appreciation of the beauty of koi may mean that you are attracted to a fish that does not necessarily conform to the ideal; Beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all, right? Continue reading “Focus on: Ogon Koi”