Unusual visitor found in American Koi Pond

An American woman recently looked at her koi pond and saw what appeared to be a very ugly fish floating in it. But when she went outside to investigate, she discovered that the fish was, in fact, an alligator!

Unusual visitor found in American Koi Pond
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Otter raids formal garden in Canada

The Dr Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden is a popular tourist attraction in Vancouver. The outside space is also much-loved by the locals. Creating a peaceful haven in the city, the garden is of important cultural significance and features a treasured collection of mature koi. It was modelled on the Ming Dynasty scholars’ gardens in Suzhou and is located in Vancouver’s Chinatown district. This was the first such garden to be built outside of china.

Otter raids formal garden in Canada

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Are Herons Killing Your Koi?

If you are lucky enough to have a koi pond there are several threats to your fish. One of these is most certainly a hungry heron. Koi provide a nutritious and substantial meal for herons and you could find that your fish are disappearing at an alarming rate. But what can you do about the situation? Could you kill the thieving heron, for instance? Continue reading “Are Herons Killing Your Koi?”

Garden Ponds Could Aid Spread of Disease in Frogs

A recent study has suggested that garden ponds could play a significant role in the spread of ranaviruses, diseases which infects amphibians, reptiles and fish. These diseases have devastated frog populations in the UK in recent years. Continue reading “Garden Ponds Could Aid Spread of Disease in Frogs”

How to Create a Pond for Bats

Ponds attract a variety of interesting wildlife to your garden. You would probably expect this to include birds, insects and amphibians but did you know that your pond could also encourage bats to visit your garden? If you are fascinated by bats and would like to see them visit your property then here’s how to set-up and manage your pond. Continue reading “How to Create a Pond for Bats”