Frogs and toads in decline as ponds fall out of favour

In addition to providing an attractive feature for your outside space, a garden pond is incredibly important for wildlife. But fewer gardens feature ponds these days and the inevitable consequence has been a decline in the number of frogs and toads in Britain.

frog sitting on a log in a pond

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Is Koi Keeping an Expensive Hobby?

If you are attracted to the idea of keeping koi, you must consider the financial implications of your potential new hobby. Koi can live for 30 years and more! The costs will depend on the scale of the pond that you create, the construction method and whether or not you build it yourself. But a koi
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Do Koi Eat Gold Fish?

TL;DR Koi could eat small goldfish but it’s not all bad news as they most likely won’t, also there’s plenty of other species that will also happily share a pond.

Which Species Can Share a Pond with Koi?

Koi carp thrive in ponds that have a large capacity, a generous amount of cover and efficient filtration. They need excellent water quality and a deep pond. But they are resilient to cold temperatures and can withstand harsh winters providing you feature an airstone or floating heater to ensure that there is an exchange of gasses. Continue reading “Do Koi Eat Gold Fish?”

Garden Ponds Could Aid Spread of Disease in Frogs

A recent study has suggested that garden ponds could play a significant role in the spread of ranaviruses, diseases which infects amphibians, reptiles and fish. These diseases have devastated frog populations in the UK in recent years. Continue reading “Garden Ponds Could Aid Spread of Disease in Frogs”

Koi Pond Trip Hazard

It is possible to drown in comparatively shallow water and so garden ponds do represent a real danger. It is all too easy for small children to drown in ponds and even adults can run into trouble at night if they can’t see the water. The dangers are exacerbated by cold temperatures as illustrated by an accident in the US recently. Continue reading “Koi Pond Trip Hazard”

Low Flying Koi Carp and an Unwelcome Visitor to Koi Pond

Lost and Found Pets is a group with 20,000 Facebook followers. It aims to reunite pet owners in Bristol and South Gloucestershire with their lost animals. The group is one of the largest of its kind in the country. Since it was set up four years ago it has reunited hundreds of pets with their owners. Most of these have unsurprisingly been cats and dogs but the group has found several more exotic species too, including a snake! Continue reading “Low Flying Koi Carp and an Unwelcome Visitor to Koi Pond”

How to Create a Pond for Bats

Ponds attract a variety of interesting wildlife to your garden. You would probably expect this to include birds, insects and amphibians but did you know that your pond could also encourage bats to visit your garden? If you are fascinated by bats and would like to see them visit your property then here’s how to set-up and manage your pond. Continue reading “How to Create a Pond for Bats”

Don’t Top Up Your Pond with Tap Water

If you’re an experienced pond keeper, then you almost certainly know that you shouldn’t top up a pond with tap water, but there are many people out there who are not aware of the dangers. Surveys have shown that more than half of the ponds in Britain are in a poor condition and that tap water is largely to blame. Continue reading “Don’t Top Up Your Pond with Tap Water”

The Benefits of an Urban Garden Pond

Urban gardens can lack character and are often utilitarian spaces that do little to encourage householders to enjoy time outdoors. Busy lives mean that outside space is often neglected and the wonderful possibilities that it offers are sometimes overlooked.

Digging Holes & Pond Equipment

A garden pond will be a significant investment but one which will yield dividends over time. It is all too easy to think about digging holes and sourcing pond equipment only to consign a pond to the back burner because Continue reading “The Benefits of an Urban Garden Pond”