Feeding koi by hand

Interacting with the koi in your pond on a more personal level is not only a source of great fun, but it can also be a very rewarding experience. Koi (like humans!) are known to have changes in mood and this is all related to how comfortable and safe they feel in their environment. One way to ensure that they remain happy is by Continue reading “Feeding koi by hand”

Caring for Koi in Spring

With the bizarre weather which increasingly seems to afflict the UK, it can be hard to know when spring has sprung! Just when you think that the winter is behind you, another wave of snow blankets the landscape in white and temperatures plunge. But eventually spring will arrive and your koi will begin feeding again.

The Stresses of Spring

With water temperatures going up and down like the proverbial yoyo, your koi may be feeling a little stressed! When water temperatures reach 40°F – 50°F your fish’s immune system Continue reading “Caring for Koi in Spring”

What do Koi Eat?

How to Feed Your Koi

As with any species, it is essential to provide the correct diet for your koi. High quality food is a must and you should take care to neither over or under feed your fish. The temperature of the water will affect how much and how often your koi wish to eat. This is an important consideration which should never be overlooked. Continue reading “What do Koi Eat?”

Enhancing Colour in Your Koi

Koi Carp exhibit a range of brilliant colours. It’s the spectacular colouration which distinguishes Koi and that endears so many people to keep these particular fish. Whether you’re interesting in competing for a prize-winner or simply want your specimens to look at their best, it is important that you promote excellent colour in your fish. To do this you must ensure that they enjoy the right environment and are fuelled with the correct diet. An unhealthy or stressed Koi will quickly show signs and their beauty will fade.Here’s  Continue reading “Enhancing Colour in Your Koi”

Pond Food for All Seasons

Your fish require the correct diet year round to ensure that they achieve impressive growth, great colour and remain healthy. If you’re new to fish keeping then the array of foods and treats available can be confusing. At Krafty Koi we can help you to make the right choices for your fish.

Koi Food

It is best to choose a food formulated specifically for your koi. These foods have been developed following years of research and testing and so feature the right combination of nutrients. Continue reading “Pond Food for All Seasons”

Would You Tuck in to Spirulina Pie?

Spirulina is a common ingredient in Koi foods due to its incredibly high protein content. Indeed it has the highest protein content of any natural food – up to an impressive 70%. It might be a fabulous ingredient for summer pond food but what is Spirulina and would you eat it yourself?

What is Spirulina?

Spirulina is a tropical pond algae and we know you’re probably already thinking that it doesn’t sound like a particularly promising food! It grows naturally in Africa, Asia and South America and is blue-green in colour. Now it’s sounding Continue reading “Would You Tuck in to Spirulina Pie?”

A Guide to Feeding Koi

A good diet will ensure that your Koi thrive and it is important to neither over or under feed your stock. Choose a good quality Koi food and remember that your feeding regime will be largely dictated by the temperature of the water. Koi’s metabolisms slow down considerably in low temperatures and so they require Continue reading “A Guide to Feeding Koi”