Garden Ponds Could Aid Spread of Disease in Frogs

A recent study has suggested that garden ponds could play a significant role in the spread of ranaviruses, diseases which infects amphibians, reptiles and fish. These diseases have devastated frog populations in the UK in recent years. Continue reading “Garden Ponds Could Aid Spread of Disease in Frogs”

Don’t Top Up Your Pond with Tap Water

If you’re an experienced pond keeper, then you almost certainly know that you shouldn’t top up a pond with tap water, but there are many people out there who are not aware of the dangers. Surveys have shown that more than half of the ponds in Britain are in a poor condition and that tap water is largely to blame. Continue reading “Don’t Top Up Your Pond with Tap Water”

How to Tackle Algae In Your Pond

There are over 17,000 different species of algae. Some species are beneficial but ponds can be afflicted by non-beneficial species including plankton algae and filamentous algae.

The Causes of Excess Algae

Algae requires nitrogen, phosphorus and sunlight to grow. Stocking your pond with too many fish or overfeeding your fish will result in too much waste being deposited in the water and this will then rot. The rotting process fills the water with the nitrates that the algae thrive on. Decaying organic matter such as leaves will have the same effect. Lawn fertilisers that run off into the water will also feed the algae. Continue reading “How to Tackle Algae In Your Pond”

Koi Pond Filtration

When you have settled on the position and size of your Koi pond, the next step is to ensure that you have a system that provides excellent filtration. It is essential that your pond provides a healthy environment for your stock and filtration is key; get this wrong and you may find yourself in deep water (not literally).

Waste removal

Your stock of Koi Carp will produce large amounts of waste. Basically your pond is Continue reading “Koi Pond Filtration”

Biological Pond Filters – Top Tips

Your Koi’s health will be largely dependent on the efficiency of your pond’s filtration system. Your biological filter utilises bacteria to break down the harmful ammonia in the water and converts it into benign Nitrate.

Whatever your budget when setting up a Continue reading “Biological Pond Filters – Top Tips”

Which Pond Pump?

A pump is a crucial addition to ponds large and small and to any water feature. A pump brings life to your pond or feature, plays an important role in maintaining a healthy environment and creates that wonderful sound of flowing water that so many of us enjoy. Pumps circulate and aerate the water and drive water to the filtration system. So we know for sure that you need Continue reading “Which Pond Pump?”

How to Control Algae in Your Pond

The pond environment is a complex one and can require careful maintenance to remain healthy, especially when a pond is new. A build-up of algae is unsightly and is detrimental to your fish stocks, also preventing you from seeing them. Fortunately there is much you can Continue reading “How to Control Algae in Your Pond”

Winter Pond Maintenance

The changing seasons present a variety of challenges if you are to maintain a healthy environment in your fish pond. It is vital that you act accordingly.


As the warmth of summer wains and autumn arrives the leaves begin the fall from the trees. If leaves drop into your pond they will Continue reading “Winter Pond Maintenance”