How to acclimatise koi to a new environment

It is crucial to acclimatise a koi to the water if you are returning or introducing it to your pond. You may have purchased a new fish, removed a fish temporarily for treatment, taken a fish to a show or built a new pond. In all cases, your koi should be acclimatised to the water. Continue reading “How to acclimatise koi to a new environment”

Garden Ponds Could Aid Spread of Disease in Frogs

A recent study has suggested that garden ponds could play a significant role in the spread of ranaviruses, diseases which infects amphibians, reptiles and fish. These diseases have devastated frog populations in the UK in recent years. Continue reading “Garden Ponds Could Aid Spread of Disease in Frogs”

Koi Pond Trip Hazard

It is possible to drown in comparatively shallow water and so garden ponds do represent a real danger. It is all too easy for small children to drown in ponds and even adults can run into trouble at night if they can’t see the water. The dangers are exacerbated by cold temperatures as illustrated by an accident in the US recently. Continue reading “Koi Pond Trip Hazard”

Don’t Top Up Your Pond with Tap Water

If you’re an experienced pond keeper, then you almost certainly know that you shouldn’t top up a pond with tap water, but there are many people out there who are not aware of the dangers. Surveys have shown that more than half of the ponds in Britain are in a poor condition and that tap water is largely to blame. Continue reading “Don’t Top Up Your Pond with Tap Water”

How to Tackle Algae In Your Pond

There are over 17,000 different species of algae. Some species are beneficial but ponds can be afflicted by non-beneficial species including plankton algae and filamentous algae.

The Causes of Excess Algae

Algae requires nitrogen, phosphorus and sunlight to grow. Stocking your pond with too many fish or overfeeding your fish will result in too much waste being deposited in the water and this will then rot. The rotting process fills the water with the nitrates that the algae thrive on. Decaying organic matter such as leaves will have the same effect. Lawn fertilisers that run off into the water will also feed the algae. Continue reading “How to Tackle Algae In Your Pond”

Koi Security

Sad stories of lost and stolen Koi are depressingly common. As we know, Koi are often such brightly coloured fish that they’re hard to miss and this makes them more prone to falling victim to predators. Koi are also coveted by people, some can have a significant value so it should come as no surprise that they are frequently stolen. A misconception that all Koi are extremely valuable certainly doesn’t help.

If your Koi are your pride and joy then you should always be taking steps to protect them because your stock may very well be Continue reading “Koi Security”

Garden Pond Safety

So you’ve worked hard and invested a considerable amount of time and money into creating a beautiful garden pond. You love it and it provides a peaceful oasis for you in your garden. Despite all of this, we know that safety is an extremely important consideration when water is involved. So how does yours measure up?


It’s a fact that garden ponds pose a hazard to children. Unfortunately on occasion Continue reading “Garden Pond Safety”

Protect Koi from Heron – Koi Predators

In the United Kingdom there are a number of species that pose a direct threat to Koi stock. As a Koi keeper, knowing about these predators and how you might protect Koi against them can literally be the difference between life and death for your stock. Continue reading “Protect Koi from Heron – Koi Predators”