Keeping children safe around your koi pond

A koi pond is a fabulous feature for any garden, but those colourful fish will draw youngsters towards the water. Koi are undoubtedly beautiful and fascinating. Their wonderful patterns will be appealing to youngsters and attract them to a potentially dangerous situation. Even shallow water is a potential hazard and so children must be protected from falling into your pond.

Keeping children safe around your koi pond
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Koi Pond Trip Hazard

It is possible to drown in comparatively shallow water and so garden ponds do represent a real danger. It is all too easy for small children to drown in ponds and even adults can run into trouble at night if they can’t see the water. The dangers are exacerbated by cold temperatures as illustrated by an accident in the US recently. Continue reading “Koi Pond Trip Hazard”

Garden Pond Safety

So you’ve worked hard and invested a considerable amount of time and money into creating a beautiful garden pond. You love it and it provides a peaceful oasis for you in your garden. Despite all of this, we know that safety is an extremely important consideration when water is involved. So how does yours measure up?


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