Why Koi benefit from natural sunlight

Most animals need natural light in order to thrive and koi certainly benefit from the sunshine. There are many ways in which sunlight will benefit your fish but it is important to strike a good balance of light and shade. There is much to think about when caring for your koi but their need for light should never be overlooked.

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Koi fish the subject of an RSPCA investigation

It isn’t often that you hear about an RSPCA investigation into the treatment of a koi! It’s usually the treatment of dogs, cats and horses which hit the headlines but a recent case involved a koi and there is something of a mystery surrounding the fate of the unfortunate fish.

Koi fish the subject of an RSPCA investigation
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Unusual visitor found in American Koi Pond

An American woman recently looked at her koi pond and saw what appeared to be a very ugly fish floating in it. But when she went outside to investigate, she discovered that the fish was, in fact, an alligator!

Unusual visitor found in American Koi Pond
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Koi pond sparks war between neighbours

Serene and beautiful, koi are symbols of peace, tranquillity, good fortune and prosperity. But not always! The fish sparked a war between neighbours in Birmingham recently. The ongoing battle was far from peaceful and ended up costing taxpayers £25,000!

Koi pond sparks war between neighbours
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The fish that sold for $1.8 million and why

A 3ft 3ins Koi called S Legend has sold for $1.8 million in Japan, exceeding the previous world record by more than $1 million. Of the Kohaku variety, the fish was purchased by a collector from Taiwan following a bidding war in Hiroshima.

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Otter raids formal garden in Canada

The Dr Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden is a popular tourist attraction in Vancouver. The outside space is also much-loved by the locals. Creating a peaceful haven in the city, the garden is of important cultural significance and features a treasured collection of mature koi. It was modelled on the Ming Dynasty scholars’ gardens in Suzhou and is located in Vancouver’s Chinatown district. This was the first such garden to be built outside of china.

Otter raids formal garden in Canada

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Can you protect your koi pond from herons?

heronThere is nothing more soul-destroying than an heron visiting your koi pond. Your fish will start disappearing rapidly as these skilful and determined thieves work out how to bypass your protection measures to access one meal after another. You will soon understand that the term bird brain is a misnomer. Herons are clever – very clever!
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Is soft water better for koi?

koi carpSome koi keepers have alleged that soft water is better when keeping koi. They believe that very soft water encourages enhanced growth and improved colour development. But they are wrong! Freshwater fish, including koi, should be kept in stable conditions and in water with a PH between 6 and 9. The degree of hardness should be no lower than DH6.

The degree of hardness is made up of two factors – KH and GH. KH is a measure of temporary or carbonate hardness and GH a measure of the total dissolved minerals in the water. GH is hard to change whereas KH can be altered relatively easily, both intentionally and accidently.
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